Can you buy Bitcoin in UAE?

Check the financial transfer’s details and make sure the following are the same:


Your BitOasis account information.

Your bank details in your BitOasis.

BitOasis bank details in your online bank account.

Both BitOasis and Bank Account transfers must have the same amount.

Your BitOasis’s User ID should also be provided in the bank account’s reference number column.


After you’ve confirmed your transfer, BitOasis will indicate that the order is in process. Your orders will then appear in the pending orders table and an email will also be sent to you regarding the pending fund transfer.


If you’ve followed the above steps, the funds should be sent from your bank account to BitOasis within a day. When the funds have been transferred, you will also receive an email.


Finally, your voucher balance will appear under your wallet after the transfer is complete.


Step 4 – Buy Bitcoin

Once you have your voucher details, you can purchase bitcoins with your voucher balance. The “Buy Bitcoin” link will appear on the left side of the menu and you just have to click it.


It will take about 10 minutes for bitcoins to arrive in your account once you have clicked on the link. So, as you can see, it’s not as difficult as it seems to buy Bitcoin in UAE!


Coinsfera, a crypto exchange company has announced that they are now selling Bitcoin and other digital currencies in their OTC shop located in Dubai. Customers can buy any amount of Bitcoin with AED, USD, EUR, and GBP. The process is simple and easy with just a few steps. With the global reach of Bitcoin, this announcement will surely help to increase its popularity worldwide.


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In a move to make it easier for people in Dubai to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Coinsfera has announced that they are now providing these services. This means that people can buy BTC in Dubai or any other cryptocurrency including Ethereum, USDT, and USDC with cash from any of the Coinsfera OTC exchanges. Buying cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly popular, and this move by Coinsfera makes it easier for people in Dubai to get involved.