Dental Implants – How Do They Work?

The benefits of Dental Implants are numerous. Missing teeth can cause social anxiety and even a greater sense of isolation. A full set of teeth can help you interact with friends and family and enjoy activities you love. Besides restoring your smile, missing teeth can compromise the integrity of your jawbone. Without replacement teeth, neighboring teeth will drift and may eventually deform, resulting in facial deformities. Using Dental Implants can prevent these problems and provide you with the confidence and strength you need to function normally.

Once the dental implant has been placed, it will bond with the jawbone to replace your missing tooth. A small post called the abutment will attach to the abutment. This post will hold the replacement tooth. The dentist will use impressions of your teeth and gums to create a model of your bite. The replacement tooth will be shaped like the remaining teeth and will be referred to as a crown. The healing process will take months, so you’ll need to visit the dentist regularly to ensure that your dental implant is working well.

The placement of Dental Implants will depend on the size of the missing teeth. Some people have bone that is too small for the implants. If you have enough bone to support an implant, you may be able to remove the damaged tooth and then undergo the implant placement procedure. This procedure is referred to as an immediate implant placement. It will be best to have your damaged tooth extracted first, then the restoration placed. You can also choose to replace your lost teeth with dental implants if you lose them due to a natural accident.

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