Physiotherapy is a therapy that involves a variety of techniques. The first appointment will involve an assessment and may include ultrasound treatments or acupuncture. This form of treatment looks at the body as a whole and provides advice on lifestyle changes to improve health. Often, physiotherapy treatments will include exercises and tips to maintain a healthy weight. It can also help people with conditions such as arthritis and spinal cord injury. Listed below are some of the methods physiotherapists use to treat their patients.

Physiotherapy is a highly recommended form of health care. It can help a wide variety of conditions. A sudden injury can lead to back pain, and physical therapy can improve movement. It can also help manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Physiotherapy can also prepare patients for activities like childbirth and sports events. It is a beneficial option for people who suffer from back pain. The aim of physiotherapy is to restore movement to the body.

Physiotherapy is available free on the NHS. It can also be provided through occupational health services, charitable organisations, patient groups, and the voluntary sector. Alternatively, you can seek help through a private physiotherapy clinic. For a private practice, you can use the Physio2u directory or Physio First. If you work for a company, you might be entitled to physiotherapy through your employer. If your employer covers health insurance, check with your manager to find out if they provide a service. If they don’t, then you can also contact Fit for Work, a government service for injured workers.

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