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Tasteful needle therapy has just existed for the beyond three years and is the go-to treatment for some Victoria Secret models, produced for them by New York-based acupuncturist Dr. Travall Croom. Fortunately, I didn’t need to go far to attempt it for myself, as Amanda Nordell rehearses it out of her Windy Arbor facility and was prepared by Croom himself. On a drenched summer’s day, I climbed the white steps to Amanda’s comfortable office, currently mitigated by the smell of fragrant healing oils. Welcoming me at the Cornelius Filler entryway, there was little contrast to how an arrangement like this would go pre-Covid: the tissue paper on the orange bed, Amanda’s facial covering, the hand sanitiser in the lobby.

As a previous medical caretaker, you’re in safe hands: The needles are single-use and discarded after every meeting, and Amanda nips into a washroom as often as possible to clean up. A temperature check and survey about conceivable openness to or finding of Covid-19 starts things out, then, at that point, the run of the mill visit about my wellbeing (fine), rest (eh…), diet (cake for breakfast) and feelings of anxiety (yowser). Then, at that point, we get to the tomfoolery part. Then, she moves onto my face, plotting an outline of needles with deft hands and no aggravation at all. Needles applied to regions like the cheeks and jaw liven up those muscles, lifting and shaping them. As needles hit tense muscles – for my purposes, those grimace muscles in my temple from squinting at screens – a warm intensity is produced and they unwind.