What is a headless CMS good for?

Headless CMS Benefits

Faster enhancing reviews

Traditional CMS architectures need to spend assets on content material enhancing, and content material rendering. A headless CMS has an advantage over conventional alternatives as it doesn’t have to address the rendering side of things. That’s left to different more specialised elements of your stack.


Manage content for extra channels

Truly headless content material isn’t tied to a single presentation problem (e.G. Internet site), so it can discover an target market across multiple channels. You can use a headless CMS to manipulate content for apps and web sites. You may even manipulate your internal/admin content within the equal vicinity and extract greater fee from it that manner.


Developer flexibility

Because headless content material is served over APIs, developers can select their personal frontend tooling. If you’d prefer to paintings with Javascript instead of PHP or Ruby, you can do that. You also can interchange parts of your stack, or move from one framework to some other with out affecting the CMS.


Easier scaling

Headless lets you manipulate your content from a unmarried supply of fact, change developer equipment at any time, and gain from sending your content material to excessive-performance cloud-based website hosting and construct services like Vercel and Netlify.


Enhanced security

Because headless content is separated from the presentation layer it’s a smaller region of assault.


Use instances for Headless CMS

Websites & web apps

They’re a famous desire in high performing “Jamstack” web sites and paintings with static-web site-turbines like Gatsby, 11ty, and Next. They can also be used for web apps and are famous with current Javascript Frameworks such React, Vue.Js, Svelte, and Angular.


Products & services

A well-designed headless content won’t be geared towards a web page-primarily based content shape (that ought to be smooth to create, but optional). If this is the case, you can manage content for any products or services: voice assistants, digital kiosks, print, websites – all from the identical location.


E-commerce sites

Some headless CMSes are bendy enough to be provisioned as an E-trade returned give up. With Sanity you may additionally integrate headless content material with current E-trade systems and product inventory management structures like Shopify and SAP Hybris.